Like Coals.

In encouragement, Good company, inspiration on October 9, 2007 at 6:21 am

We sometimes find ourselves in a slump after doing something that seems to be getting nowhere. In my case, I got into a slump trying to come out with a decent blog. Until I found out that I had a friend who had the knack for making blogs and had the same vision of “liberating” the workforce.

And so I’m reminded of coals. Those sedimentary rocks that we use to produce heat. We’re like coals too. A coal can’t produce enough heat by itself and dies out easily if left alone. We need to surround ourselves with people who have that same passion or interest to keep our spirits burning. Being with the right company encourages you to develop your ideas and gives you the opportunity to turn it into a reality.

If you’re currently in a slump, I suggest that you draw yourself close to those who could provide a fresh air of inspiration, breathe new hope and encouragement. This may be a respectable senior staff at your office,a peer who approaches every work with excellence or somebody outside of your circle who knows your kind of work. Stay away from street philosophers who get their wisdom from the gutter. They squeeze the juicy details out of your misery and in the end you’ll find yourself more lost than when you first started and left still empty-handed.

One last thing about coals, they need wind to burn more brightly. Coming up with this blog from the title to the design needed a new perspective. This fellow liberator kept on fanning new ideas which made me even more enthusiastic about continuing.

I’m encouraging you to gather coals and get yourself out of that slump.

Until next time, let’s educate our minds.


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