The Cost of Commitment.

In commitment, Decisions, Good company, inspiration, Language, merits, popularity on October 18, 2007 at 7:38 am

There’s a story about a hen, a cow and a pig who wanted to make a difference. They were farm animals of noble character who dreamt of stopping hunger in their village.

One day, they met and decided once and for all to accomplish this task. They called all of the wayfarers, peasants and the farmhands.

The hen flew on top of the farm fence and cried, “The time has come for us to free you of your hunger and suffering, henceforth, I will lay all of the eggs that I could give to feed the poor.”

And before the hen could finish her words, eggs suddenly filled the land and everybody gathered to pick up the eggs until none was left to be found.

“Here here” bellowed the cow. “I too will squeeze all of the milk within me to nourish the children.”

Again, before the cow could finish her words, a sudden gush of milk filled all of the buckets to the brim and the children drank from it until none was left to be drank.

The hen and the cow then turned to the pig and poked at him to continue,“go ahead, dear friend, declare what you could give to these people.”

The pig stood still, frozen and motionless. He stared at them and replied, “my dear dear friends, I admire your boldness and generosity. But while you confidently declare your contribution, I concluded that I have neither eggs nor milk to spare but I only have myself to give.”

And so the pig bade his friends goodbye and threw himself to the masses.

This story is often told in a different way but the message is still perfectly clear:  HOW FAR WILL WE GO TO ACCOMPLISH OUR DREAMS?

I’m leaving you with a video and I hope that this would open our eyes and make us understand that there is only one thing that separates us from realizing our dreams: commitment. Passion may give us the direction but commitment gives us the fuel to reach our goal.

Until next time, let’s educate our minds.


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