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Of Leaders And Those That Only Have The Power.

In leadership on November 9, 2007 at 2:54 am

When Alexander the Great saw the vast expanse of his kingdom he was soon overtaken with sadness.

Grievingly, he uttered, “alas, for there are no more kingdoms left for me to conquer.”

Such was the rule of the king from Macedonia that his life has been a model for leaders all over. Thrust into power at the young age of 17, Alexander’s father King Philip had one last instruction for his son before he passed away: “My son, ask yourself for another kingdom for that which I leave is too small for you.”

With those last words, Alexander unceasingly conquered the rest of the civilized world and it was said that when he led his army outside of Macedonia it was the last time that they would see their wives and children again. Other accounts would say that his army were able to return to their country after seven years (Alexander died at Babylon.)

What kind of a leader was Alexander? What kind of a leader could compel his men to leave family and country to pursue an unknown quest for greatness?

Men of authority should take note of this. Could you bring your people to unprecedented heights and perilous lows and still command their allegiance?

Alexander rose because he sacrificed himself first in every campaign, led by example and shared the spoils to his men. He did not pawn his warriors to do first his bidding and sat at the back of the battle but he rode in front to show leadership and courage. And at the end of the day, when flags are lowered and arms are raised, his men were also the first to taste the fruits of their sacrifice.

There are leaders and they have their followers and there are those who only have the power to create followers.

Until next time, let’s educate our minds.