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The Right Fit.

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Dear Applicant,

Today is the day that you’ve prepared for. Ever since you received that call from me you’ve been wondering what kind of a company we are, how does our office look, how would the interview go and lastly, how much would we offer you. For many nights you’ve been rehearsing those lines that tells you who you are and why you’re applying for this job: interview tips that you gathered from your older brother or sister who went through this nerve racking experience a long time ago. And last night before you slept, you prepared your best formal clothes: a black blazer and black pants ensemble if you’re a female and if you’re a male, striped long sleeves and a borrowed tie from your father.

You asked for money from your mom. Money that she may have kept for the proverbial rainy days. You promise her that  if you get hired you’d buy her things that she dreamt of but couldn’t because there was just enough to pay the bills.

So you stepped into our office thirty minutes before the time you were asked to come. You’re poised and groomed after coming out of the wash room after a long harrowing walk of looking for our address. You looked at the mirror for the last time and you took a deep breath and with confidence you went to our office.

You came in to our office and saw that you were not the only applicant that we called. Somehow your confidence level dipped but you were able to regain your composure and said something to reassure yourself that you would be the one that I would hire. It might have been that promise that you said to your mother before you kissed her goodbye or that pep talk that you got from that career orientation seminar that your school gave you before you graduated. Whatever it was, it was something that rallied your heart to remain confident.

You sized yourself up with the others: what they wore, how they looked and  from what school they came from and before you could even begin rehearsing your opening lines, I called you to step into my room. “This is it,”  you said, “there’s no turning back.”

I don’t know what happened after that interview.Did everything that you prepared for happened? How was your opening line? Did I make you uncomfortable? Was your brother or sister right about their tips?

Dear applicant, sometimes these things happen too fast or too long you just couldn’t remember what happened. I might have not taken you and you might have even cried or got depressed when you came home but I would like to tell you that regardless of who you are, what school or company you came from, how good you looked or how prepared you were, I did not choose you because you were not the best. And you would be surprised to know that I hire people not because they’re the best but because they’re the RIGHT person.

There’s no such thing as the BEST fit. What I look for is the RIGHT fit.       

So lift up your spirit and prepare yourself again because you’ll never know if I find you to be the right fit  for the next vacancy.


The Company

Until next time, let’s educate our minds.


Starting the Week Right.

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Start the week right! Here’s a video by the David Crowder band, “O Praise Him“.